Pealing the Lavra bells prior to the service

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Pealing the Lavra bells prior to the service · Archimandrite Antoniy

Hymns to the Mother of God at the Moleben

℗ 2011 Russian Compact Disc

Released on: 2011-10-04

Artist: Archimandrite Antoniy
Artist: Hegumen Mikhei
Artist: Hieromonk Porfiriy
Composer: na Not Applicable

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University | Wikipedia audio article

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00:00:54 1 History
00:04:59 1.1 College reorganizations
00:06:39 1.2 Post-World War II
00:09:28 1.3 Vietnam War era
00:11:48 1.4 Twenty-first century
00:13:23 1.4.1 2007 shooting
00:14:14 1.5 List of presidents
00:14:23 2 Academics
00:15:09 2.1 Admissions
00:17:47 3 Rankings
00:24:50 3.1 Student affairs rankings
00:25:08 4 Research
00:26:41 4.1 Research institutes
00:27:23 4.2 Fralin Life Science Institute
00:27:56 4.3 Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech
00:28:36 4.4 Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI)
00:30:50 4.5 Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology (ICAT)
00:31:06 4.6 Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science (ICTAS)
00:32:01 4.7 Institute for Society, Culture, and Environment (ISCE)
00:32:26 4.8 Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute
00:32:52 4.9 Virginia Tech Research Center – Arlington (VTRC-A)
00:33:24 4.10 Other areas of research
00:38:28 5 Campus
00:41:42 5.1 Extended campuses
00:42:17 5.1.1 Northern Virginia Center (National Capital Region)
00:44:11 5.2 International campuses
00:44:20 5.2.1 Caribbean Center for Education and Research (CCER)
00:45:22 5.2.2 Center for European Studies and Architecture (CESA)
00:46:01 5.3 Agricultural Research and Extension Centers
00:46:43 5.4 Power plant
00:48:04 5.5 Future of Campus
00:48:50 6 Student life
00:48:59 6.1 Residential life
00:49:44 6.1.1 Campus residence halls
00:49:53 6.2 Corps of Cadets
00:50:25 6.3 Cadet Residential life
00:51:19 6.4 Dining
00:52:16 6.5 Greek Life
00:53:08 6.6 Organizations on Campus
00:53:42 7 Athletics
00:57:09 7.1 Baseball
00:57:43 7.2 Basketball (men’s)
01:00:27 7.3 Basketball (women’s)
01:01:14 7.4 Football
01:03:16 7.5 Soccer
01:04:48 7.6 Softball
01:05:29 8 Alumni
01:06:06 9 See also

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“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.”
– Socrates

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, commonly known as Virginia Tech and by the initialisms VT and VPI, is a public, land-grant, research university with its main campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. It also has educational facilities in six regions statewide and a study-abroad site in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland. Through its Corps of Cadets ROTC program, Virginia Tech is also designated as one of six senior military colleges in the United States.Virginia Tech offers 280 undergraduate and graduate degree programs to some 34,400 students and manages a research portfolio of $522 million, the largest of any university in Virginia. Virginia Tech is the state’s second-largest university by enrollment.

Bad Cops in Jackson Mississippi

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These cops stood in front of our signs, they let people throw stuff at us right in front of them, the allowed people to put a tarp over the head of one of our guys. The cops threatened to arrest us for not moving and followed us all over town just bullying us. Commander James McGowan hates the law and loves lawlessness.

The Welsh Revival – Evan Roberts – Great Christian Revivals Film

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Great Christian Revivals DVD is an emotional, inspirational and uplifting account of some of the greatest revivals in church history. 72 minute documentary from

Set to a historic soundtrack, including Parry’s Jerusalem, the viewer is taken on location to witness the actual places where many special outpourings came to pass.

Drawing upon archive information, the stories of these Christian revivals are brought to life through the testimony of those who witnessed the events first-hand. Using computer animation, historic photos and depictions, the events of the past are weaved into the present, as the old and new are blended together to bring the stories alive.

Discover in a brand new light, the amazing accounts of the Welsh Revival, the Hebridean Revival and the Evangelical Revival. Weep with Evan Roberts as he pleads with God to change a country, join Duncan Campbell as the Holy Spirit visits a community and remember John Wesley and George Whitefield, as twenty-five percent of the nation gets saved!

“In times of evangelism, the evangelist seeks the sinner, in times of revival the sinner comes chasing after the Lord.” – J. Edwin Orr.

The Christian Revivals

“Revival is a going of God among His people and an awareness of God laying hold of the community.” – Duncan Campbell.

The Welsh Revival 1904 – 1905.

The Welsh Revival is perhaps the most famous in modern church history. Quite literally an entire nation was set-ablaze and transformed within a matter of just a few months. We join Evan Roberts where the revival began and trace its influence around the nation.

The Hebridean Revival 1949-1952.

This revival is one of the most dramatic outpourings of the 20th century. Find out how the Holy Spirit descended upon entire communities and and discover how His Presence was so tangible that people fell to the ground by the road-side weeping under conviction of sin!

The Evangelical Revival 1739 – 1791.

The Evangelical Revival changed the entire character of a nation and transformed every area of society. Beginning in the hearts of a few members of the Holy Club, the revival spread, leading to the conversion of one quarter of the population!

The Revivalists

“Often I have seen them overwhelmed with the Divine Presence and cry out, ‘Will God indeed dwell with men on earth?'” – George Whitefield.

Evan Roberts received an overwhelming burden for the soul of his nation. He began asking God for 100,000 people to be saved and he spent nights in prayer. He was the principle character that God used to birth the Welsh Revival. “You must put yourself entirely at the Holy Spirit’s disposal” he once said.

Duncan Campbell said, “Revival is a community saturated with God.” Campbell witnessed first hand the Spirit of God descending upon a community and learnt to let the Holy Spirit have His way. In his own words, “Seventy-five percent (of the people) were gloriously saved before they came near a meeting…the power of God was moving!”

John & Charles Wesley and George Whitefield were present at the beginning of Evangelical Revival. “It was a Pentecostal season indeed” said Whitefield. “Sometimes whole nights were spent in prayer. Often we have been filled as with new wine!” Around 25% of the population gave their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Introduction: ‘Lift Up the Trumpets’ (1957) The King’s Heralds (Voice of Prophecy Radio)

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“The Voice Of Prophecy [ is a long-running Seventh-day Adventist religious radio broadcast founded in 1929 by H.M.S. Richards, Sr. … It was one of the first religious programs in the United States to broadcast nationally. … Throughout the years Voice of Prophecy broadcasts were marked by an opening theme song of “Lift Up the Trumpet” performed by the King’s Heralds quartet and closed with Richard’s poem “Have Faith in God” each week having a new verse written. … H.M.S. Richards, Sr. was speaker from 1929 to 1969. In 1969, Richards’ son, H.M.S. Richards, Jr., succeeded him and was speaker from 1969 to 1992. … Various musicians perform on the broadcast. Female vocalist Del Delker began as a regular on the program since 1947 and is regarded as one of the leading female singers of religious music. The male quartet King’s Heralds also performed weekly on the program from 1936 until 1982.” (

“The King’s Heralds began in 1927 by four college students; brothers Lewis, Waldo and Wesley Crane and Ray Turner (1908-2008) in Keene, Texas who began singing gospel music, under the name Lone Star Four. They soon appeared with Pastor R. L. Benton on his radio program on KFPL from Waco, Texas. In 1936, they were invited by H.M.S. Richards to join the Voice of Prophecy in California, and were renamed the King’s Heralds after a radio naming contest. This association continued until 1982, when they became a self-supporting ministry. The King’s Heralds are also known by the name The Heralds, in Portuguese as the Arautos do Rei and in Spanish as Los Heraldos del Rey. Purported to be the oldest continuous gospel quartet in America, they have been singing for over 80 years. Throughout the years they have performed in over 50 countries and continue to tour extensively. They were the first gospel music group from the West to tour The People’s Republic of China since 1949, singing for the “First Invitational Symposium on the Christian Church in China” sponsored by the US/China Education Foundation. Long associated with the Seventh-day Adventist Voice of Prophecy radio broadcast, the Heralds are now promoted as trans-denominational and are regular guests on Praise The Lord on TBN and It Is Written.” (

Just Thoughts Gideon’s Victory through God

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Just Thoughts Gideon’s Victory through God Bible Study Channels



KICKDRAGONVIDS JustThoughtsstudies Manhattan, NY | JustThoughtsstudies San Diego, CA | JustThoughtsstudies Redding, CA | JustThoughtsstudies Oakland, CA | JustThoughtsstudies Orlando, FL |JustThoughtsstudies Ocala, FL | JustThoughtsstudies Brussels, Belgium | JustThoughtsstudies Beijing, China | JustThoughtsstudies Cairo, Egypt |JustThoughtsstudies Athens, Greece | JustThoughtsstudies Tehran, Iran | JustThoughtsstudies Baghdad, Iraq | JustThoughtsstudies Bosnia , Herzegovina | JustThoughtsstudies Jerusalem, Israel | JustThoughtsstudies Tel Aviv, Israel |JustThoughtsstudies Rome, Italy | JustThoughtsstudies Islamabad, Pakistan | JustThoughtsstudies Moscow, Russian Federation | JustThoughtsstudies St Petersberg, Russian Federation | JustThoughtsstudies Novosibirsk, Russian Federation | JustThoughtsstudies Helsinki , Finland | JustThoughtsstudies London, UK | JustThoughtsstudies Glen finnan, Scotland | JustThoughtsstudies Loch Ness, Scotland |The Four Winds London, UK | JustThoughtsstudies | JustThoughtsstudies Liverpool , UK | JustThoughtsstudies Detroit, Michigan | JustThoughtsstudies Sioux city,Iowa | JustThoughtsstudies Panama City, FL | JustThoughtsstudies Greenville, SC | The Four Winds, JustThoughtsstudies Atlanta, Ga | Justthoughts Studies Little Rock, AR | Israel,Palestine, Jesus Christ, Greek, Hebrew, Audio Bible Study, Shepherds chapel, Arnold Murray, Omegacube, MeatTheBible, The kosher Christian, Tea Tephi,Bible Study, PraiseYHVH, Arnold Murray, Video Bible Study, ,M13TV, Truth in History,

UNIS Men’s Varsity Basketball vs. Browning Jan 2013

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# Name Position Yr Ht Wt
1 Christian Do Rosario G, F So. 6-1 165
2 Juan Abenante F, G Jr. 5-10 170
3 Chris Wint G Jr. 5-9 155
4 Yash Singh G Jr. 5-9 160
10 Spero Hounton G Sr. 5-9 140
11 Saamrit Rana F Jr. 6-2 170
12 Jonas Hayes C, F Sr. 6-4 170
13 Rudolfs Alsbergs F, G, C Jr. 6-3 180
14 Denir Radoncic F, G Sr. 6-0 160
20 Noony Petroulas F, C Sr. 6-1 170
25 Albert Kuhel C, F Jr. 6-5 180
35 Harry Moran F Sr. 5-11 170
41 Lee LaRosa F, C Sr. 6-2 175

The Golden Spike: Railroads of America 2

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The Union Pacific RR and Central Pacific RR met at Promontory Summit, Utah, in 1869, uniting the continent with the driving of a symbolic golden spike. The arduous wagon journey on the Oregon Trail and Mormon Trail became a thing of the past. As northern transcontinental railroads were completed in the coming decades, steamboats on the Missouri River also faded into history.

Join us on location at the zero mile marker in Council Bluffs, Iowa, at the rocks worn down by wagons on the Oregon Trail in western Nebraska, at a Pony Express station in Central Nebraska, at the 100th Meridian in Cozad, Nebraska, and at the monument to Oliver and Oakes Ames in eastern Wyoming.

By John Z Wetmore, producer of “Perils For Pedestrians”.