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Jun 27, 2017  · EXECUTIVE Obamas under fire from the left for never ending, sizzling ultra-luxury vacations

President Trump Travel Expenses are Now at $10,381,792.35 (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it obtained records from the U.S. Department of.

Dec 09, 2015  · We’ve all gotten glimpses into the private passions and pastimes of one of the most famous First Couples in American history, but now President Barack.

Aug 04, 2017  · President Donald Trump departed the White House on Friday for a 17-day working vacation at his golf club in New Jersey.

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where the US President meets aides in times of crisis, as well as other offices in the West Wing are among areas being redecorated. Mr Trump has decamped to his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, for a "working vacation". His.

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A new law should allow immediate dismissals across the leviathan, like the 1,500 incompetents and crooks booted from the Veterans Administration since.

The bill estimates that the total cost of security to Mar-a-Lago for each. it was widely reported that Trump was on pace to spend more money on vacations through his first year in office than former President Barack Obama did in all.

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President Donald Trump’s trip to his own luxury resort this weekend could cost US taxpayers more than $3m (£2.88m. food and incidentals while on vacation, which is why many choose to stay in friends’ accommodation or at the.

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Or Liberal Party president Anna Gainey. It would have been just as much of a vacation for them as Justin Trudeau, with even their per diem costs picked up by taxpayers already struggling to meet their own obligations. The threat.

Benjamin Shinewald is the president and chief executive officer of the. recently tied support for renovating 24 Sussex Dr. to resolving the costs of the Prime.

Organized by an Indiana travel agency it was a dream vacation. holiday cost the university $9,379 and Lobo Club executive Kole McKamey charged his $8,189 golf outing to a university credit card. Earlier this month, UNM Acting.

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Trump’s air travel cost to Florida alone has averaged about $1.5 million a month. During his presidential campaign, Trump often mocked Obama for the time he spent golfing while on vacation and said he would not be the kind of.

President Donald Trump’s visits to his Mar-A-Lago estate in Florida and Bedminster golf club add to over $13.5 million, Judical Watch says.

He urged the President to remember that despite his divisive orientation, every Nigerian prayed for him to get well and return to the country from his medical vacation in London. pump price of fuel, cost of funds for industries as well.

Aug 03, 2017  · Throughout former President Barack Obama’s time in office, then-reality TV star Donald Trump often mocked him for taking vacations. But now, Trump is set.

President Obama took a four-day golf vacation to Florida where he played a round with Tiger Woods, and took a lesson from Woods’s former coach, Butch Harmon. A new report from The Washington Times says that the long weekend.

Jul 05, 2014  · In the years since President Obama took office, he has spent over $44 million in taxpayer dollars on personal vacations.

Apr 18, 2017  · President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago visits generate buzz, cost millions. As a citizen, Donald Trump slammed Barack Obama for taxpayer-funded travel. Now Trump is.

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Expensive massages, top shelf vodka and five-star hotels: First Lady accused of spending $10m in public money on her vacations. By Daily Mail Reporter

President Donald Trump is burning through taxpayer dollars at breakneck speed. CNN reports that Trump’s trips to his luxury resort in Florida has cost about $20 million. critic of Obama’s golf trips and vacations, tweeting in 2011 that.

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Sep 26, 2012  · Expenses include highly paid staff, campaign aircraft, free vacations, paid dog handler, full-time movie projectionist

. of providing medical care for their gender transitions about cost about $2.4 million to $8 million a year, a tiny fraction of the $600 billion defense budget. The reaction to the president’s Tweets was swift. “Today, on the anniversary of.

Dec 20, 2011  · Obama Hawaii Vacation Costs Tax Payers $4 Million; A Look At The President’s Past Hawaii Vacations (PHOTOS)

White House. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago getaway could cost taxpayers more than $3 million. The president regularly hassled Obama for his travel. Now Trump is about to get.

The cost of protecting Obama and his family during the previous administration drew the ire of Republican columnists.

President Obama should end his vacation early & get back to Washington to straighten. Trump’s five-day stay at Mar-a-Lago in November 2016 resulted in $248,000 in overtime costs at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. NPR.

Christina said the city hasn’t been super helpful with cost estimates — “they.

Travel records show that former President Obama’s family vacations and campaign expenses cost taxpayers $114 million.

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President Trump’s weekend vacations to his private club in Florida have cost taxpayers almost as much in a month ($11.3 million) as President Obama’s entire travel.

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